Ross Video Carbonite Black Solo 1 M/E Live Production Video Switcher

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The Ross Video Carbonite Black Solo 1 M/E Live Production Video Switcher is an HD/SD video production switcher with an integrated control surface providing versatile switching in a highly portable format that's easy to set up. Supporting multi-format video resolutions up to 1080p60, the Solo incorporates nine inputs including six SDI and three HDMI, and six outputs including five SDI and one HDMI.

Full control of the Carbonite Black Solo can be accessed through the top control surface. Switch inputs, control remote PTZ cameras, and apply effects, overlays, or graphics in real time with a full set of tactile button controls, joystick, and a weighted T-bar. Remote control is also an option via the DashBoard software interface for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

The Solo's multiviewer output supports up to 10 source displays, and features multiple layouts, tally, labeling, and a clock function. Features include robotic camera control for VISCA, Canon BU series, and Ross Cambot cameras. Features typically found in larger switchers that are offered by the Solo include two floating effects channels for PiP or 2D transitions, assignable effects modules, four-channel animation storage with audio, one floating UltraChrome chroma keyer, and powerful 10-bit processing for advanced keying and effects.


Its fully configurable layouts include automatic source naming with tally and border control. This low-latency Multiviewer has access to all external and internal sources. The Multiviewer has user-selectable layouts with the individual choice of border, tally, and UMD label display for each source. In addition, a user-configurable clock can be sized and positioned anywhere on the multiview screen.

XPression Graphics

An XPression LiveCG software license is included to provide graphics in your productions. For more advanced motion graphics, XPression Go, Prime, or Studio systems are well integrated with the Carbonite Black Solo configurations.

3G Production

The 3G signals contain twice the data of standard HD, and yet the Carbonite Black Solo has the all the horsepower required to ensure no operational restrictions exist when used in this mode.

LiveAssist & MediaManager

The DashBoard LiveAssist control interface combines with Carbonite's MediaManager browser to provide intuitive control over switcher settings, media store graphics, and animations.


With ViewControl, it is possible to create an entire production from a simple and very intuitive interface. Complex transition elements are shown as thumbnails surrounding the live source windows.

Recallable Presets

Carbonite's powerful and unique intelligent resource management system permits stored keys and backgrounds to be recalled to preview without disturbing what is currently on the air. This system enables multiple 'scenes' to be stored and recalled in a manner that would normally require a much larger multi-ME switcher.

Other Features

  • 1 RU frame can be controlled from soft or hard panels
  • Panel ergonomics with ViewControl and DashBoard operations
  • Controls devices such as robotic camera, video server, and audio mixer control interfaces
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Multi-screen production
  • Four media-stores with audio for animations and stills
  • DashBoard LiveAssist GUI with MediaManager Web UI
  • Animated MediaWipes transitions
  • MemoryAI recall to preview
  • Custom control macros
  • Two channels of 2D DVEs
  • Effects memory with MemoryAI
  • Mixed SDI and HDMI I/O
  • 4-channel media store
  • MediaWipes with audio playback
  • Multi-format production
  • UltraChrome advanced chroma keying
  • Talk protocol and device control
  • LiveEDL (requires external TC – serial converter)
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