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  • Cam Kết Hàng Chính Hãng 100%
  • Chuyên Gia Tư Vấn Tận Tình, Cụ Thể
  • Giá Ưu Đãi Tốt Nhất Thị Trường
  • COD (Nhận Hàng Thanh Toán Tiền)
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VRcast is…

  • A New Concept 3D Real-Time Virtual Studio System that not only is designed to be most simple and convenient to operate, but also minimizes output quality degradation.
  • A Cost-Effective Component System that prevents a client from spending too much by offering customer selectivity in virtual studio, switcher, recording, subtitles, and streaming functions.
  • A User-Friendly System that is designed to be able to directly modify and change all objects in the 3D set, enhances image quality through a unique development program algorithm, and allows for a smooth and natural expression of the camera angle.
  • A Value Product that is used in various fields such as TV station, cable TV, local TV, and creation of E-learning contents in educational institutions, and recognized as a valuable product by its users.
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