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Neutrik 3-Pole Female XLR Receptacle (pair)

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Neutrik NC3FD-LX Overview

Designed to mate with the Neutrik EMC XLR cable connector, this NC3FD-LX 3-Pole Female Receptacle from the DLX series is a D-style, 3-pole XLR-female receptacle sporting a nickel housing and silver contacts. Its all-metal housing and duplex ground contact offers RF protection and electromagnetic shielding, while its cage-type female contact facilitates conductivity without causing excess wear on any mated male contact. An incorporated solder barrier ensures that solder won't run into the contact mating area. With its D-style housing, it's compatible with industry-standard D-mounting dimensions

Neutrik NC3MD-LX Overview

The Neutrik NC3MD-LX is a 3-Pin XLR male receptacle for analog audio applications. The connector has RF protection and 3 shield contacts, ensuring clean signals every time.

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